Female Dignity CIC is a Community Interest Company with a mission to restore the menstrual dignity of homeless and vulnerable females, through the retail of its ‘LOVE’ brand of eco-friendly, natural feminine hygiene products.

Supporting our cause with 100% natural sanitary products

We use organic cotton and bamboo for gentle and safe periods. By using them, you support female health, reduce your ecological footprint, and contribute to a charitable cause. Feel good about your period while making a positive impact on the planet and women’s well-being.

‘LOVE’ Sanitary Products

Pure Comfort:
100% Organic Cotton & Bamboo Absorbent Core for Superior Protection.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:
Organic Cardboard
for Sustainable Period Solutions.

Naturally Soft:
Organic Cotton & Bamboo for Gentle and Safe Periods.

Pure Protection:
Chlorine-Free Paper with Individual Wrappers for Hygiene.

Environmentally Conscious:
The Perfect Fit for Eco-Friendly Lifestyles.

Nurturing Health,
Preserving the Planet:
Natural Sanitary Products

Embrace the power of natural sanitary products to protect both your health and the Earth. Our eco-friendly alternatives prioritize your well-being while minimizing environmental impact, providing a sustainable choice for a healthier future.

We can’t do it without you…